Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Warm Courgette & Bean and Salad

Most of the time I like to try and be an original, or at least think I am. I know I know, it's all been done before but I resist as I can. So anyway this is a first where I post another's recipe pretty directly, bear with me though as it serves a purpose beyond mere cookery. Oh and it's fantastic in flavour and simplicity.

The recipe comes from an episode of Poh's Kitchen where Poh teams up with Antonio Carluccio. For those unfamiliar with either, do you live under a rock? Google them! It's Antonio's recipe, sure, but not really (I'm certain he would agree). It's so simple and classic that it or a variation has graced many a table; we are blessed to have and be able to pass on dishes like these.

So before I get to the recipe, this dish says a number of things to me: It illustrates beauty in economy and quality of ingredients. It also allows me to express one of the joys which food gives me in that it is a celebration of what unites us, whilst encouraging diversity.  The two cooks in question come from very different origins, yet have such a similar outlook when all is said and done.  I admire very much Poh and Antonio for their enthusiasm and love of great food and the atmosphere it engenders, both show such obvious delight in what they do.

What of this recipe you ask? It's so simple!

Green beans
Garlic, roughly crushed
Mint, torn
Olive oil (I infused the garlic for an hr or 2 in the oil)
Lemon juice

In salted boiling water cook the beans and courgettes until slightly softtened, al dente etc (it really depends how you like it) but don't go too far! Drain and toss through the oil, lemon, garlic and mint. Quantities, well I'll just say have a little more courgette than bean and be generous with the mint and garlic over the top. Slosh some oil and lemon over, season, and well, pleasure should ensue! Also, you can obviously adjust it to suit the number eating. Still confused? Click here...  There's also a great load of recipes available, so it's well worth a look.  (Thanks ABC TV).

Easily a good dish to go with lamb or another cut of meat, it is also delicious alone or with some salami and good bread.

In closing as Antonio Carluccio says, MOF. Minimum of fuss, Maximum of flavour! Thanks to you and Poh Ling Yeow.

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