Monday, 30 January 2012

For Everyman

Over done, error laden, we all have exploits in the kitchen that we are shamed by.  There are other times though where I'm sure fate and chance or whatever you like to call it have been kind.  Even with the acquisition of technical skills I've been saved by fortune, so I thought I'd create a bit of a post taking the piss out of food, showing some of the "unexpected" highlights

Prompting me to this was also some cooking I did that made me ponder what's fashionable, and by default what's considered passe.  How do I put this?  I like to try new things.  I don't feel bound by some ill defined tradition.  Sometimes I fancy myself the best of some narcissist stylists...  Yeah right, who cares!  By way of confession:

Sometimes I like overcooked meat, and this T Bone was F*&k Off good, cooked for 45 mins+ due to a malfunction of the bbq.
Like, yeah!

I've been known to drink excessive amounts of cheap beer and wine. (No one remembered to get a photo)

3am is the best time to demonstrate your kitchen skills.   

What this actually went into I'm unsure, it is believed to be the first stage
of a toasted omlette sandwich.  Unfortunately again, memories are
hazy amongst those who were present...

I take food and wine seriously, it's the best of fun, just look at this next label! To close, a lot of rubbish is written and I may play my small part in this but really a sense of humour and self deprecation must be retained at all times. 
Thanks to Jamie Goode's wine blog for the photo.  d'Arenberg have excelled themselves.

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