Friday, 1 July 2011

Friday Nights...

Though a little soft focus, here are the lovely pups
at the picturesque Botobolar cellar door...
I have a few wine thoughts and reviews to publish, but I am wary that I don't want to bore anyone, least of all the none wine lover or drinker.  Despite this I put the previous review up as I was indirectly inspired by the enjoyment of a lovely Graciano, also from Mudgee, this evening.  A review will surely follow for this wine, in the mean time I urge anyone and all to check out mudgee wine.  This region appears to be somewhat overlooked in critical circles and by fashion at this time; many other fine wine regions are also, the point here is that this is a great loss to everyone.  Mudgee is a region that can provide good things at different levels, value (and quality) quaffers, fine wines and intriguing possibilities.  The area also boasts fine foods and scenery that, whilst being uniquely Australian, is reminiscent of the best Tuscany et al, can offer.

Mudgee deserves and will have a full post all it's own.  In the meantime the review below gives a taste. 

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